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Exercise (of power), conferred (by Parliament), due, (should be) dispersed, abuse, accountable, entrusted, encompass 1. give as a responsibility, place in a persons’ care 2. misuse 3. the use of 4. to encircle, include 5. granted 6. proper 7. to spread in different directions.


Then match the questions with the answers a-h. How are they going to travel? g. 1 what equipment/Lucy/take.


Put each of the following verbs in the correct space in the passage. bring up, leave, settle down, educate, move, join, come from, grow up, Club beco.


• 2B Match a word (a phrase) from the box with one of the definitions below


purchases not yet paid for Complete the sentences. Look at A, B and C opposite to help you. 1 . .shows where money comes from and where it goes: it is always transferred from one . to another one. Every event is entered twice – once as a credit...


Match synonymous words and phrases. have under your belt.


Расставить слова в нужном порядке 1) in, the, live, i, country.


Then make up your own sentences about “a city” using these word combinations.


A.Match the words in the box with the definitions. be bad for you be good for you exercise fit healthy healthy diet keep fit lose weight put on weight unfit unhealthy. 1 physically strong and not likely to get ill ...


Then write sentences with the phrases you've made. Match the words in the box.


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