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Read the sentences and correct the mistakes.


Read the sentences and fill in columns with necessary word. Ответ оставил Гость. Прочитайте предложения и заполните пустые места нужными словами.


Read the sentences and fill in the blanks with the correct adverb in the list.


She hates unfair treatment of anyone and is ... ready to give advice. 5. The Chinese New Year does not ... start on the same day. 6. The year of the Rat in the Chinese horoscope ... follows the year of the Pig. Ответ оставил Гость.


Read the sentences and fill in the blanks with the suitable words below.


Read the sentences and fill in the gaps with the words to make,to take,to get(7 points). 1.We decided to_a bus so as to_to school as quickly as possible. 2.I am going to____a three-week course in word processing. 3.Iam sure she will _a new job and _____a lot of money.


•6. Read the sentences and fill in the gap with a necessary preposition.


Fill in the table "Who said what?". Tick the correct box. 2. Read the words and write them in two columns. 3. Complete the sentences: 1. People shout at each other when they are angry or when they don't understand each other. 2. People cry when they are upset because of something.


He read that 11) ___ Duchess of York opened a shelter for 12) ___ homeless last week.


Complete the sentences in Passive Voice. 1) Letters (to deliver) by the postman at 8 every day. 2) This bag (to find) in the bus yesterday.


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